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Dina Barua

Dina Barua (REG NO: 171)

$96 funded of $96 USD
Student Details
Grade: 7
Purpose Support to Study
Per Installment Amount: 8 USD
Target Year: 12 Month
Gender: female
Orphan: No
District: Chattogram
School/Institute : Nanupur High School
Current Roll Number : 1
Former Roll number : 1
Total Student : 70
Father's profession : Farmer
Mother's Profession : Housewife
Family income : 2000 taka
Guardian Name : Prokash Barua
Guardian Contact : Nanupur, Fatickchhari,CTG
Remark : Dina's father is farmer. He has a very small cottage to live with his three children and his wife. He earns little amount of money which is not enough for Dina's education. Dina is a very brilliant student.

Donators for Dina

Name Amount (USD) Year
Sajib Barua 96 2024
Sajib Barua 72 2023
Sajib Barua 24 2023
Tapan Barua 8 2021