Terms and Conditions


Project is an initiative by us for the education and social development of the neglected groups. We are trying to upgrade their lifestyle and you are our motivation.Without your help,this might not be possible. Thanks for being donors, volunteers and standing by us.


  • Students are bound to follow rules and regulations of BG (Bridging Generations).
  • Students who upload their information in the website permit to use their details to collect funds for them, and share the information with anyone.
  • Students and respective guardians are strongly discouraged to make contact with the donors in any medium, if proved; his fund will be cancelled or halted immediately.
  • Students or their respective guardians can check with BG about their funding status.
  • Students will get the scholarship requested by them on the website (periodically or one time basis).  BG holds the right as to how to spend the money for them.  For example, BG can buy educational materials or pay the tuition fee to the teachers directly instead of giving the money directly to the students.


  • Donors willingly authorize BG to use the provided fund for their selected students.
  • Donors can authorise BG for recurring payment(AutoPay). Donors can request to cancel the Auto Payment option one week prior to next payment.
  • No personal connections with students are entertained; if otherwise happened, BG will not be responsible for any damages, and it can take any decision deemed necessary. However, a connection through BG could be an option in any special situation.
  • Donors can request BG for further information about their donations.
  • Donors can select, or ask BG to select the students or projects.
  • Donors can check if their money is used properly.


  • Volunteers are considered as family members of BG, and they are bound to follow the rules and regulations.
  • BG will try its best to secure basic needs of volunteers(specially Education and Medical)
  • Given the good amount of savings, BG will help their volunteers for Education and Medical expenses,  fully or partially

Monetary policy:

  • Under any circumstances, no refund of the donation is entertained.
  • Students will get exactly the needed amount or the partially funded amount after the transaction and management charge are deducted.  
  • GENERALLY, BG takes very little amount of money after Online payment gateway charge(2.9% +$.30); and internal transaction charge(2% from Bangladesh taka)
  • Students will get the fund if they maintain satisfactory progress, otherwise  BG keeps the authority to  halt, or transfer funds to other students or projects.
  • Any amount remaining from the transaction will be contributed to “BG Trust” which will help- volunteers, general students and projects,  Bloggers,  website managements and for future projects of BG.